Where Did You Get That Pet?

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  1. Nicole Harbordt was going to get a Great Dane from a rescue however, her house wasn't suited for it. 

  2. Caitlin Muller was going to get a Greyhound, however, her yard didn't have enough room for one. 
  3. Alli Smith and her family recently adopted a puppy from from a shelter last week!  They do not know the family history but they wanted to give a home to a dog in need! 
  4. Marcina Rogers has a cat from a breeder!
  5. Marcina also has a Rottweiler! 
  6. This is Michelle McDonough's puppy, Buddy!
  7. These are Janine DeBaise's cats! 
  8. PJ Connell has a dog Bob, who was adopted from a shelter. 
  9. Marisa Miller rescued a dog from the kill list at nycacc!  She had kennel cough and a secondary infection!
  10. Connon Thomas' mom got their dog from a breeder.

  11. Pierce Sofko got his dog from an Amish breeder!  His name is Pippin and hes a cocker spaniel and poodle hybrid.  
  12. This is Ben Kott's dog, Cooper!
  13. This is Nicole Harbordt's dog, Riley!
  14. This is Rebecca Schubmehl's rabbit!