How Has Social Media Impacted Relationships in The Millennial Generation?

Are relationships where people actually socialize with each other in person a thing of the past for millennials?


  1. “Our technology has come to the point where it is ruling our lives; however, without it we would be lost.”
  2. “We never talked in person until months after online chatting. We got to know each other by asking questions, over text. I think the reason we never talked in person was because we were a little embarrassed at first to approach one another, and without talking face-to-face it made it easier to connect and get to know each other.”
  3. In the article below, from The New York times, we take a new look at how a date is percieved in many millennial's minds. Many of us still think of a date as a one on one socializing event, but in today's dating generation, a date means hanging out with a group of college friends.

  4. As dating has evolved from the 'he loves me he loves me not', 'butterflies in the stomach', 'awkwardly shy moments' to Facebook, there has been an undying desire for millennials to know if the public approves of the relationship. Articles written by William's and Duvall, Bradford (2015) describe this new idea of dating as both a journey and an adventure into exploring who they are and what they want out of a future relationship. They also get a chance to explore who they are along the way. Millennials are not looking to settle down into a committed relationship, but instead are enjoying their freedom of casual dating.
  5. Millennials are using Facebook more than ever before to get approval for their personal relationships. “I think social networking has made me closer to friends. I was on Facebook for a while before I got a cell phone, and it made it easier for me to make plans and connect with people. I have conversations with my friends that are just as real as the conversations we have face to face.”
  6. It's Exhausting! Social Media Impacts Our Personal Relationships
  7. Social media makes millennials feel that they have a sense of belonging, however, that social media has made them a very "anti'social" generation, as they are in constant need to be "liked" or have approval of their relationship status from virtual friends. There is never a dull moment as their smart phone's or I-pad provide one last message of approval as they lay down for the night. Being so attached to that extra hand held device, that hardly leaves their hands, could cause a chance at true love to be lost forever. The You Tube (directly above and below) show exactly how social media can ruin the chance of having a real life relationship because social media dominates everything that millennials do, they live and breathe it.
  8. It is hard to imagine that life could go by, without knowing what the true meaning of having a relationship with a real, live person, but the millennials are getting that experience first hand. Others have been fortunate to overcome the social media obstacle, but what ever the situation may be, social media has affected their relationship to some degree and can even affect each other's trust.
  9. Grandma Never Texted: Changing Technologies, Changing Relationships
  10. Social media is trying to fill the void that most people, including the Millennials feel, as they aren't able to spend as much time with each other in person as they would like to because of the busy lives that they lead. Timminschannel, Gary Turk, and the article in the Washington Post all agree that even though people aren't able to connect and have a personal relationship that they would like to have as social media takes over their lives, that if they take just a moment and really see all that is around them, that love could be right in front of them.
  11. Millennial Think Tank: Social Media’s Impact on Personal Relationships
  12. According to Pew Internet, "A number of the survey respondents who are young people in the under-35 age group—the central focus of this research question—shared concerns about changes in human attention and depth of discourse among those who spend most or all of their waking hours under theinfluence of hyperconnectivity." The Millennial generation is sure to suffer the consequences of being connected to the internet on a constant basis because they just don't have the time to stop staring at their devices and have an actual personal connection to people. Instead of holding hands, they are smiling at each other on a screen, and imagining that they are in the same state, even though they are miles apart.
  13. The Washington Times reports that, "32 percent of Millennials say they are close with someone they only met online, and more than 76 percent say they have friends on social media sites that aren't really their friends."
  14. In conclusion, while it is hard to imagine living in a world with is largely based on web generated relationships, it could lead to a much more significant and meaningful relationship later on in life, as Millennials are able to explore their options during their youth, and realize exactly what qualities in a mate that they are looking for.
  15. Even though the definition of dating and personal relationships has adapted to the Millennial Generation's view, mainly due to the impact that social media has in the Millennials lives, one thing remains the same as any other generation, and that is the need to feel loved and to belong.