Meaning 2013 - highlights

Highlights from the Meaning Conference held by Nixon McInnes in Brighton on Friday 8 November 2013 - one day, all business conferences will be like this :)


  1. First speaker of the day was Rick Falkvinge: Rick is the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, which has representation in the European parliament and has spawned Pirate Parties in more than 60 other countries. Rick inspired us with his own story of a networked movement created from nothing - bent on changing the world.
  2. Next up, a change of pace with Mary Alice Arthur: Mary Alice is a storyteller, an author and one of the global stewards of the Art of Hosting movement. She shared her belief in the power of a story to change the world and encouraged us all to become ‘story activists’ - to create a life of meaning and purpose.
  3. Next, Anne-Marie Huby: Anne-Marie is co-founder of JustGiving, the pioneering social business that has helped over 21 million people raise over £1.4 billion for more than 12,000 charities since 2001. Anne-Marie told her personal story of bringing restless 21st century innovation to the established world of giving.
  4. After coffee, it was Mikel Lezamiz: Mikel is Director of Cooperative Dissemination of MONDRAGON Cooperative Group, a €4bn business owned by its employees which has proven to be famously resilient in the face of a Spanish economy in deep crisis. Mikel talked about how employee-owned business can compete, thrive and enrich at great scale.