Your Top 3 ESN... - Celebrating ESNchat's 3rd Anniversary

ESNchat started on the 2nd Thursday of September 2014. On this 2nd Sunday of September 2017 we asked a variety of questions about your top 3 <fill in the blank>. It was a fun and active chat on a variety of subjects.

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  1. Jennifer Honig's blog post summary of this chat is at . In addition to this Storify site, you'll find links to #ESNchat archives at .
  2. Today's chat questions:
    Q1. What are your top 3 #ESN use cases?
    Q2. What are your top 3 #ESN successes?
    Q3. What are your top 3 barriers to #ESN success?
    Q4. What are your top 3 #ESN wishlist items?
    Q5. What are your top 3 #ESN funny stories?