Your ESN and the 2016 State of Community Management Report with Ted McEnroe from The Community Roundtable - June 29, 20

We love the great work of the folks at The Community Roundtable for many reasons. One is the great research they do such as the annual State of Community Management Report. For this #ESNchat we asked Ted McEnroe of TheCR to join us to discuss this year's survey findings related to ESNs.


  1. The questions for this week's chat:
    Q1. How has your #ESN matured in the last year? What are some of the signs?
    Q2. What are some trends in ESNs you’re seeing? Are they helpful or not?
    Q3. Where do internal & external communities differ the most from each other? Where are they most similar?
    Q4. What knowledge/skills are more critical for an #ESN community manager than for an external #cmgr?
    Q5. What can we learn from best-in-class ESNs? What makes one “best-in-class”?