Using Your ESN to Solve the Q&A Challenge with Guest Ernesto Izguierdo - Feb. 2, 2017

Our topic this day was about goals, results, and methods to best use your enterprise social network as a great place to ask and answer questions for your employees. Thanks to Ernesto Izguierdo for suggesting the topic and the questions and for co-hosting this chat.


  1. Questions for this chat:
    1. How do you measure the time to solve a question in your organization? Within 2h, 24h, etc.?
    2. How did you define your goals for solving questions?
    3. What are your KPIs in Q&As? Is it the number or percent of questions answered? the average time to get a response? something else?
    4. What tools do you use? How do you use community management to ensure timely responses?
    5. Do you have validation processes for quality control of the answers?