Using ESNs for Knowledge Management with Guest Stan Garfield - Oct. 13, 2016

Knowledge Management expert Stan Garfield joined us this day as our special guest to discuss the link between enterprise social networks and knowledge management within businesses.


  1. Questions for this chat:
    Q1. What effective ways have you used to get people to overcome their reluctance to ask questions openly in an ESN?
    Q2. How have you motivated people to share & reuse knowledge on an #ESN (e.g., goals, recognition, rewards, gamification)?
    Q3. How have you helped people move from email for everything to only what it does best, & using #ESN for what it does best?
    Q4. How have you helped others overcome information overload so they can pay attention to & not miss info important to them?
    Q5. The 90-9-1 rule: 1% of #ESN mbrs very active, 9% somewhat, & 90% inactive. Have you measured this? What are your numbers?