Using an ESN in a Highly Regulated Industry with Guest Steve Nguyen - Feb. 23, 2017

Highly regulated industries present barriers that work against an open culture where an enterprise social network is more likely to thrive. In this chat, guest Steve Nguyen joined us to discuss these issues and how to overcome come.

byJeff Ross12 Views

  1. Questions for this chat:
    Q1. What are some industries & types of regulations than can make it difficult for an #ESN to thrive?
    Q2. How can ESN leaders overcome the secrecy & privacy concerns some have about #ESN use in highly regulated orgs?
    Q3. What examples can you share of #ESN successes in a highly regulated industry?
    Q4. What skills are most critical for #ESN community managers in a highly regulated industry?
    Q5. What are your best do’s and don’ts for #ESN community managers who feel handcuffed in a regulated industry?