The Strategic Business Value of ESN with Guest Dion Hinchcliffe - Aug. 4, 2016

We had a great, lively chat with special guest Dion Hinchcliffe, the Chief Strategy Officer with 7Summits, about the strategic business value of enterprise social networks beyond mere vitality or vanity metrics. Here's the tweet archive of the chat.


  1. Here are the questions for this chat:
    1) Do vitality metrics measure the impact of #ESN? Why or why not?
    2) What metrics could better determine if the #ESN is producing business value?
    3) How do you collect performance metrics your #ESN platform does not track? What to do?
    4) Once we have effective measures of business value from our #ESN, how do we improve them?
    5) What else can #ESN #CMGR do to maximize the business value of their #ESN?