"The Evolution of Enterprise Social Networks" with Carrie Young - Sept. 26, 2013

The discussion from the Twitter #ESNchat on September 26, 2013. Threads have been grouped in sequence to more easily follow the discussions. The schedule for future topics is at http://jeffrossblog.com/esnchat/topic-schedule/. Archive links are at http://jeffrossblog.com/esnchat/topic-archives/.


  1. Today's special guest for #ESNchat was Carrie Young - @carrieyoung - of talksocialtome.com. I've known Carrie for several years since she was instrumental in helping my company implement an ESN in 2009-2010. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field and I recommend her highly to any business needing consultation in this area.

    For today's chat, we had several planned questions, but we encouraged everyone to ask Carrie anything related to ESNs, and Carrie had the flexibility to go down any path the questions led. 

    Thanks, Carrie, for sharing your knowledge and experience, and thanks to everyone for a great conversation!