The 2017 State of Community Management Report - June 1, 2017

We were glad to have The Community Roundtable's Rachel Happe and Ted McEnroe with us on this date to present and discuss the latest State of Community Management Report. It's always a well-done survey with important findings.


  1. Questions for this chat:
    Q1: #SOCM2017 highlights greater optimism and executive interest in community management. What’s driving this shift?
    Q2: How can we help community managers understand the difference between vanity vs. value metrics, as it remains challenging for many #CMGR?
    Q3: The research noted that communities struggle to mature past transactional investments and into cultural change agents. Why do you think that is?
    Q4: #SOCM2017 shows community content programs aligned to strategy provide more value. How do you manage this?
    Q5: With shiny new #ESN tools in the market, how can #cmgrs ensure they are fit to meet business needs?
    Q6: In light of #SOCM2017 research, where do you intend to focus your efforts in the next year?