Listening To What's Said On Your ESN - Sept. 15, 2016

Our #ESNchat for Sept. 15, 2016 focused on listening to what is said on your ESN. There were a number of insightful comments and success stories. Many thanks to the participants.


  1. Jennifer Honig's blog post summary of this chat is at .
  2. The questions for this chat:
    Q1: How can an ESN be a valuable channel for listening? What should you be listening for, or not, and why?
    Q2. What does ESN listening look like? Are there different types: real-time, surveys, polls, etc.?
    Q3. Should you have a proactive ESN listening strategy? What teams should be involved in developing and executing it?
    Q4. How do you share listening results with the community? Are there tools, resources, frameworks to help gather & share feedback?
    Q5. How do you measure success? What listening success stories do you have to share? What hasn’t worked?