JiveWorld Takeaways - Mar. 24, 2016

The archive of the #ESNchat Twitter chat discussing ESN-related takeaways from the recent JiveWorld conference in Las Vegas, Mar. 14-16.


  1. Jennifer Honig's blog post summary of the chat is at  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/jiveworld-takeaways-2016-jennifer-honig . Other chat archive links are at  http://jeffrossblog.com/esnchat/topic-archives .
  2. Questions for this chat:
    1. In what ways for Jive software excel as an ESN platform?
    2. In what ways is Jive software lacking as an ESN platform. Do announced coming releases address your concerns?
    3. For those at the recent JiveWorld conference, what were your biggest takeaways?
    4. If you could change some things about the JiveWorld conference, what would they be?
    5. What will you do different with your ESN in coming months because of what you learned at JiveWorld?