ESN Leadership Succession & Transition Planning - May 12, 2016

Tweets from our #ESNchat on May 12, 2016 about leader succession/transition planning for your ESN.


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  2. Today's chat questions:
    Q1: Do you have a leadership succession or transition plan for your #esn community? Why or why not?
    Q2: What topics should a succession, transition plan cover? What should it not?
    Q3: How have you approached #esn #cmgr offboarding and onboarding? What did the knowledge transfer look like?
    Q4: Besides creating a succession/transition plan, what else should a company do to prepare for #ESN leadership change?
    Q5: When one prepares to leave, how do you decide if the role changes or evolves to make the most of the opportunity?
    Q6: What did you learn during a past #esn succession, transition experience? What would you do differently or the same? Tips or advice?