"Empowering Users to Control Their ESN Experience" with Guest Bert Vries - Nov. 3, 2016

We had an active discussion this #ESNchat with guest Bert Vries of United Mindz. Our topic was around ways to help ESN users manage their ESN experience and centered around training and features such as notifications, hashtags, custom streams, etc.

byJeff Ross13 Views

  1. Questions for this chat:
    Q1. What features does your platform have that helps users control their #ESN experience?
    Q2. How can #ESN notification features help streamline, promote collaboration and knowledge sharing?
    Q3. How well do your employees use #ESN notification & tagging features, i.e., email alerts, @mentions, hashtags? How do you train?
    Q4. What #ESN notifications, tagging tips, tricks or best practices do you use?
    Q5. If you could change your #ESN platform's notifications, tagging features, what would you change? Why?