Employee Social Networks: ESNs from the Employee Point of View with Guest Dr. Michael M. Moon, PhD - Sept. 1, 2016

We had an excellent discussion Sept. 1, 2016 with Dr. Michael Moon discussing questions related to enterprise social networks from the employees' point of view. Below is the chronological summary of tweets.


  1. Questions for today's chat:
    Q1: What factors are most likely to predict individual adoption of social networks in the workplace?
    Q2: For what purposes do your employees use the #ESN? How do you know?
    Q3: In what ways can an ESN impact the individual worker and their wellbeing?
    Q4: How could you measure the impact your #ESN has on the individual employee?
    Q5: How do we convince leaders to focus on the positive ways ESN can affect employees' lives and not just the ways it can directly affect the bottom line?