Creating a Brain For Your ESN (Machine Learning) with Guest Naomi Moneypenny - Sept. 22, 2016

We enjoyed an educational chat this day with special guest Naomi Moneypenny discussing machine learning and the relevant connection with enterprise social networks. Browse through this chat history and you may just learn something new!


  1. Q1. In simple terms, what is machine learning for non-technical people? How is it being used today?
    Q2. Why should companies care about Machine Learning on their #ESN? What's the business value? What teams can it help the most?
    Q3. What could future applications of machine learning for my #ESN look like? How can it enable collaboration?
    Q4. How does this fit in with all the other trends I hear about, for example chat bots, Big Data, Open Data, Business Intelligence, IoT?
    Q5. How should you get started with Machine Learning on your #ESN?