Community Management Careers with Guest Rachel Happe - April 6, 2017

We always enjoy having our friends from The Community Roundtable share their research and insights with us on #ESNchat. In this chat, Rachel Happe helped lead a conversation about community management careers.


  1. Questions for this chat:
    Q1. Would you launch an #ESN without a #CMGR? Why or why not?
    Q2. What are key elements of your #CMGR roles and responsibilities? How has it changed over the years?
    Q3. As a #CMGR what do you see as your career path? How do you move up?
    Q4. What are the key skills and competencies that you need to be successful?
    Q5. Where would you look if you were searching for a new role? How did you find your current role?
    Q6. What advice would you give to your peers as they consider their careers?