Cognitive Computing with Guests Silvia Cambie and Andy Jankowski - May 25, 2017

We enjoyed an insightful ESNchat on this day discussing the possibilities and current realities of cognitive computing and its relevance for enterprise social networks. Special thanks to our guest hosts for the day who helped us prepare and lead the conversation.


  1. Questions for this chat:
    1. What is cognitive computing in simple words?
    2. Why is this new trend important for Enterprise Social Networking? Will it take it to the next level?
    3. Give us a couple of concrete examples of how cognitive is going to change the Enterprise Social Networking experience
    4. What is the impact of cognitive on the work of community managers?
    5. Who should initiate and own the move of an Enterprise Social Network to cognitive? IT, IC, HR, CxO, Innovation, Corporate Comms...? Why?
    6. How do we start exploring opportunities for cognitive in lifting the ESN experience?