Bring Your Own... ESN? - Aug. 18, 2016

We had an insightful discussion on the benefits and risks of companies having a "Bring your own" policy related to enterprise social networks as some companies do related to BYO devices. Here is the chronological chat archive.

byJeff Ross13 Views

  1. The questions for this chat:
    1. Does your company have a apolicy related to employees choosing and using their own ESN tool? Why? Why not?
    2. How many official ESN tools are used at your company? How many more go under the radar?
    3. What risks would an open BYO ESN policy introduce to the organization?
    4. What problems might be solved with an open BYO ESN policy and practice?
    5. Given the risk and benefits of BYO ESN, do you think your company will ever encourage it? Why? Why not?