Agile on the ESN with Guest Diana Russo - Jan. 26, 2017

How does your company's agility help your business succeed? What is the role of the enterprise social network in fostering such agility? This was the subject of our chat on January 26, 2017.


  1. Our working definition of “Agile” for this chat: Agile is the ability from an organization to respond rapidly and flexibly to changes and to (co-)create value by enabling talent and promoting a culture of trust and inclusion. Being agile is a mindset.

    Questions for this chat:
    1. How is your ESN helping your organization to become more agile?
    2. What are key employee practices and behaviors on an ESN that boost agility?
    3. What can you do as a Community Manager to support Agile Teams/Team Members on your ESN?
    4. What are your success stories of agile teams using your ESN? How do you promote the added value?
    5. Can an organization be agile without an ESN? Why or why not?