A Doctor of Intelligent Systems. I game, tango, and develop statistical models.

24/7 Purpose

Hi, I am Teresa Devine, founder of 24/7 Purpose. It helps you to live your life on the God’s way. We offer some online courses to develop Christian maturity within you, with Spiritual counseling on a daily basis. During the course, you will definitely feel the inner peace with spiritual growth and get closer to Jesus. As our teaching are built on the truth found in the Holy Bible. Our Spiritual guidance and growth plans are for individuals, married couples, and families or even for people who are not entirely committed to Christ. We are here to serve all! To get started your life with the God’s way, connect with us at +1 770-561-4222 or visit our website at http://247purpose.com/


starving peasant selling his body to vampires for blood money

Thea deGroot

Flowmotion Entertainment Inc

Flowmotion Entertainment is a fast growing Top mobile games development company, focused on becoming one of the top game producers and publishers of the best time management cooking games, while helping to feed hungry kids. Download our games for free from Play Store and App Store at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flowmotion.cookingqueen https://itunes.apple.com/app/cooking-queen-restaurant-rush/id1245090503?mt=8

Tony DaDub

An Irish transplant in America trying to make sense of this beautiful mess.


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Country Matron

Pruning the world one bramble bush at a time.


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Daegan Caxton

Hi guys I Daegan Caxton from Chicago From United States Of America. I am a Author had my bachelor degree in English (Hons) from Chicago University. I had a great knowledge related to Financial Services and love to write on that. And in free time I love to gardening and reading novels.

Stany Foster

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Jeremy C. Young

Assistant Professor of History @DixieState. Book: The Age of Charisma (@CambridgeUP, 2017). Skills: fantasy baseball.

Tony Noble

Emotional drinker, functional alcoholic, generous lover.


As the co-founder of Clover Sisters, my goal is to provide personalized natural skin care products and beauty consultation that makes you feel magnificent. Feeling good about yourself is what it is all about – before starting my own business, I searched for honest and reliable skin care advice. I experienced ongoing frustrations about my skin, as I had chronic acne, contact dermatitis, skin sensitivity and allergic reactions to the sun. I sought advice from many dermatologists and other skin care consultants, and spent a fortune on products that never did what they promised they would. I decided to take matters into my own hands. Due to the extensive education, I found a natural skin care system that finally works for me as well as for you! As your skin care consultant, I can develop a system that will work with your specific skin problems and achieve the ultimate skin care goals. My philosophy is that with some guidance, each of us can take greater control of our own health and well being. I only provide the best natural products and services to my clients. Now, I am happy to give my clients 24-hour access to natural skin care advice and products. We welcome any natural skin care questions and your feedback on the site. It is my pleasure to provide you a service and natural products that will leave you feeling so good, you wish you could feel that way forever.