Importance of Warehousing for Businesses


  1. Different types of goods are necessary for our daily lives. We buy some of these items in bulk and can always store them in our homes. In the same way, businesses also need a variety of goods for their use and some of them may not be available all the time. Some of these items are needed throughout the year without any break, which is why the need for storage arises both for raw material and finished products. Storage involves proper arrangement for preserving goods from the time of their production or purchase till they are actually used. When storage is done on a large scale and in a specific manner it is known as warehousing. Warehousing is one of the most important elements of modern day business without which trade is not possible.

    What is the role of Warehousing in the supply chain?
    Warehousing refers to the activities involving storage of goods on a large-scale in a systematic and orderly manner and making them available conveniently whenever the need arises. In other words, warehousing means holding or preserving goods in huge quantities from the time of their purchase or production till their actual use or sale.
    · Warehousing is one of the important components of any trade. It creates time utility by bridging the time gap between production and consumption of goods.
    · Warehousing is an important element of activity across the supply chains, in the distribution of goods that may vary from raw materials to finished products.
    · Warehouse allow transport optimization along the supply chain, and allow companies to work with an optimal inventory regarding service quality.
    · Nowadays there are many companies who provide warehousing facilities. This includes a wide range of integrated warehouse storage services such as storage, consolidation, re-parking, documentation, labeling, invoicing, finished and spares inventory management, distribution and service support, cross-stuffing, etc. Many Warehousing Companies in Nigeria are well equipped with the right cutting edge technology and expertise which is needed to simplify the process of warehousing.
  2. Nigeria, which is emerging as a major trade centre in the African continent is fast gaining the attention of the rest of the world. Warehousing in Nigeria has become an important business venture and so many companies are now providing Warehousing Services in Nigeria that are of international level.
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