Stevensville PS March News

March 2018


  1. March – Third Month of the Year
    March – Third Month of the Year

  2. Principal: James Willms
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  4. From The Office

  5. Well March has come in like a lion! We have been enjoying a mild stretch this past couple weeks which has allowed us to be outside regularly except for a few rainy times. Please continue to send your child dressed in layers as the weather may change through the day and we always try to get students outside for breaks if it is safe to do so. Please also remember to send students with both an indoor and outdoor set of shoes so we have options for the many activities throughout the day. Thank-you!

  6. Welcome back Mrs. Bullock, we are happy to have you rejoin our Stevensville PS team!
    Thank-you to Mr. R. Roach and Mrs. VanderWerf for organizing the Forest of Reading program, and thank-you to Mr. Kells and Mr. Saylor for coaching intermediate basketball and Mr. B. Roach and Mr. R. Roach for all their work with our junior basketball teams! Thanks Mr. Gilliam for organizing chess club. Thanks to Mrs. Krutschke and Mrs. Hennessey for planning the "Phantom of the Music Room".
    We also want to thank Mrs. Milton and Mrs. Noxel and our volunteers for all the preparation and ordering for hot lunches.
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  8. Special thanks to the many parents who are running our breakfast club each morning. It is a big commitment to shop for and serve breakfast to over 60 students each day, but they do, so willingly, five days a week. Thank-you! Special thanks to J.W. Furness and Niagara Nutrition Partners for their generous financial donations to benefit our students!
  9. Niagara Nutrition Partners – Niagara Knowledge Exchange
    Niagara Nutrition Partners – Niagara Knowledge Exchange
  10. Thank-you to everyone who returned report card envelopes and responses. Please continue to support your child in setting goals for their learning. We often talk about a "Growth Mindset" and recognizing we are learning and getting better each day!
  11. DreamBox Learning - Online Math Learning
    DreamBox Learning - Online Math Learning
  12. Please continue to support your child by encouraging them to spend their technology time at home using Dreambox. We are very excited to see the evidence of students applying their Dreambox learning in their daily math program at school!
    Looking forward into March, please check the calendar below for upcoming events and important dates.
    Have a wonderful March, spring will be here soon!

  13. Arrival and Dismissal

  14. Student safety is our priority. Please remember that supervision outside does not begin until 8:45am. Students attending breakfast club may not arrive before 8:30am. Thank-you for your help with this.
  15. For families coming into the school, please check-in at the office. We want to ensure we know who is on site, as well as when students arrive late or if they leave early. Again, thank-you for your help with this as we strive to maintain a safe environment for all our students.

  16. Upcoming Events – MIRCI
    Upcoming Events – MIRCI
  17. Calendar

  18. March 11 - Daylight Savings Time, adjust your clock!
  19. March 12-16 March Break (school is closed)
  20. March 29 - "I Matter Assembly" 1:40pm for primary and 2:30pm junior/intermediate
  21. March 30 - Good Friday (school is closed)