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November 2017


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  3. Principal's Message

  4. Happy November!
  5. October is wrapping up, and we want to take a moment and thank-you for your support and encouragement this past month. A special thanks to those parents that have been in to hand-out and deliver pizza and subs through the month. As well, thanks to those of you who came to help us run activities and participate in events in October.
  6. Looking forward, November is busy with some great events planned for our students. Progress Reports will come home on November 9th, please watch for those and return the signature page with your comments. Please feel free to join us for our assembly to recognize Remembrance Day on November 10th at 12:10pm, we will reserve some space in the gym for guests. There is a Professional Activity day on November 17th and staff will be working on our school growth plan and learning about new software for programming individual education plans (IEP's) for our special education students
  7. We are also planning an "I Matter" assembly to recognize students on November 24th. We will again host the "I Matter" assembly in two parts with primary classes meeting at 1:45pm in the gym and junior/intermediate students and staff gathering at 2:30pm in our gym.
  8. School Council

  9. Thank-you to everyone who came to our last school council meeting. It was well well attended and we really appreciate hearing input from our families. This venue is a great opportunity to work together to come up with ideas that support our students. We encourage all parents to consider attending the upcoming Parent Involvement Conference on November 1st at Eden Highschool in St. Catharines. Please join us at our next meeting Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 6:00pm-7:15pm.

  10. Volunteer Opportunities

  11. At council, we talked about a few ways to support students, by having families volunteer in the school. We are looking for parents/grandparents to help us with a Breakfast Club and to assist with maintaining our library collection. Breakfast Club is new to us and we anticipate having it start just a couple days each week with the goal of providing healthy food options for all students. This would probably be a morning volunteer shift between 8:40am and 9:10am involving some set-up, serving and clean-up. Schedule to be determined.
  12. For the library, the volunteer time would be more flexible and could be adjusted to suit the volunteer. This work would involve checking in books with the scanner, and shelving. Training is simple and would be provided.
  13. Please contact the office to share your availability, we would love to have you here.

  14. Ferndale Volunteer Fire Company
    Ferndale Volunteer Fire Company
  15. We still need 2 volunteers for Bingo on November 30th between 6-8pm. Please contact Leanne Leach if you are able to volunteer. or text 289-303-7702
  16. We have recently purchased 5 more iPads for use in our classrooms. Thank-you to all of those parents, family members and staff who volunteered in October!
    Heidi Munn
    Emma Cuthbert
    Brittany Mott
    Maggie LaPlante
    Katie Racey
    Robin Brown Maloney
  17. Sandra Hennessy
    Ken Kells Mallory Milton
    Jeff Saylor

  18. The Elementary Progress Report: Grades 1 - 8 Students