Stevensville June 2017 Last Week

Stevensville Public School Newsletter


  1. Principal: Mr. James Willms
    Vice Principal: Mrs. Katie Racey
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  2. Principal's Message

  3. The final stretch. We are nearing the end of June and I just wanted to share some information for next year. Below is a list of our tentative staffing plan for next year. It is with sadness that we say good-bye to our Vice-Principal Mrs. Racey who is moving to be the VP at John Brant PS. We also wish Mrs. Ferretti the best as she will be teaching at Pinegrove PS when she returns in January, and to Mrs. Menard, who accepted a position as resource teacher with the DSBN and will be supporting several schools. Congratulations to Mrs. Davis who is leaving to a full time position and congratulations to Mme Vani, who is moving to Prince Philip PS. As well, we wish Mrs. Hein the best as she is expecting her baby shortly and she will be off next year. We also wish Ms. Fretz and Ms. Meredith the best as they move to Garrison Road. Finally, we want to congratulate Mr. Simons, who is retiring from teaching in the DSBN. We wish him the best in his next chapter! Welcome to Mrs. Khione Buck, who is joining our team and will be teaching in the junior division. We still have two jobs that will be filled during the summer, and we will welcome those staff when placements are complete.
  4. Stevensville Public School Staff List

  5. K. Krutschke, R. Sensabaugh Kindergarten
    S. Hennessy, M. Morrish Kindergarten
    C. Vanderklei Gr.1
    TBD - Gr. 1/2
    A. VanderWerf Gr. 2/3
    K. Kells Gr. 3
    TBD - Gr. 3/4
    B. Roach Gr. 4/5
    K. Buck Gr. 5/6
    M. Milton Gr.6 and Instructional Coach
    S. de Waard Gr. 7/8
    S. Train Gr. 8
    M. Lee Structured Strategies
    M. Sider French
    D. Vandenberg Learning Resource Teacher
    R. Roach Library/Prep
    J. Saylor Prep C. Coens Educational Assistant N. Hamm Educational Assistant A. Thomson Educational Assistant K. Noxel Secretary

  6. BINGO Dates

  7. We have our next dates for Bingo. This is a great fundraising opportunity for our school, and we anticipate receiving approximately $13000 in the next year. To meet our goal, we need volunteers to take shifts. It is a simple job, and your main goal is to represent our school. For further information, please contact the office or Leanne Leach by email at or phone at (289) 397-0296
  8. July 9: 4-6pm, 6-8pm
    July 30: 12-2pm, 2-4pm
    August 20: 6-8pm
    August 27: 12-2pm, 2-4pm
    Sept 17: 4-6pm, 6-8pm
    Sept 24: 12-2pm, 2-4pm

  9. Thank-You Volunteers!

  10. We would like to extend a sincere thank YOU for your commitment and support. Our school has benefitted from the support of volunteers in our classrooms, organizing hot lunches, maintaining our outdoor classroom, chaperoning on field trip, Bingo, driving teams to and from events and so much more. Please stop by the office to receive a small token of our appreciation!