Nutritional Requirement for a Healthy Body


  1. We are what we eat. Nutrition is the number one contributorto our health. Many of us are not sure what is contained in the foods we eatand hence have no knowledge of what your body takes in. The body does not takethat sweet and crunchy image that the eyes see, it takes the mineral andbuilding component of the food. This brings with it many challenges since a lotof information is out there about nutrition.

    Nutrition is an individualized thing what may work forme may not work for every other person, it is important to first understandyourself and your needs. Go talk to your nutritionist, have body checkup doneon you and then discuss what is good for you.

    Also, when choosing your diet be sure to understandthe budget you have in hand and don't strain yourself with things you can'tafford, ensure what is recommended for you is easily available at your localstore. If you have any health issues, be keen to follow your doctor'srecommendation or whatever you buy goes to waste.

    There are. However. a few basics about nutrition thatone should understand, these are the main pillars for any nutritionrecommendation.

    They say water is life and it truly is, our bodies are80% water and this must be kept constant if we want a healthy body. You shouldtake at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated, this ensuresthat the body's metabolism goes on well. Lack of enough water causesintoxication to the body organs and cells, water washes away waste productsfrom the cells which if not removed may be toxic to the body.

    You should take at least five different types offruits daily. Fruits contain a lot of minerals and vitamins which are essentialto the body. Most fruits also contain lots of water to keep your body hydrated.Fruits are rich in antioxidants which help increase our immunity againstdiseases. Have a variety of fruits in your kitchen, however don't keep them inthe fridge for too long or this will lose their nutrients.

    Have at least two servings of fish per week and oneshould be oily fish like salmon or tuna. Fish have omega 3 and 6 which isimportant for healthy growth of the brain, eyes and healthy joints.

    Hard nuts contain essential nutrients for the generalgrowth of healthy body. Take nuts at least once per week or better grind them andadd them to your porridge flour.

    Whole grains and vegetables
    Cereals are very essential for a perfect abdomen, theyhelp reduce gastro-intestinal problems since they contain fiber which is veryimportant for our bodies. Fresh green vegetables contain a lot of vitamins andshould be included in most meals. Unsaturated fats Fatty foods are the highestcause of many obesity problems and also heart related diseases take more oflow- fat foods with unsaturated oils. For cooking use vegetable oil like sunflowerwhich is more healthy.

    Lean meat
    If you eat a lot of meat, buy lean meat and more oftenbuy white meat like that of poultry. These are lower on fat.

    This are thekey pillars for many nutritionists, you can find out more about their benefits as explained here in detail.