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Catalonia Live Updates #1

Daily updates on the fast-moving the struggle for self-determination and democracy in Catalonia, and live coverage of major events.


  1. LATEST ARTICLE : Catalan independence forces win majority . More articles here.

  2. -- SAT 13 JAN --
  3. • Could Bilbao protest today inspire Catalonia to march again?

  4. • European Parliament to be shown '1-O' documentary on Catalan referendum
  5. Catalan MEP Josep Maria Terricabras announced the screening in a video which he shared on his Twitter account, as the Catalan MEP returns to the European Parliament after the Christmas break, with the news that the parliament is to dedicate a day to the Catalonia issue on February 1st.
  6. Catalonia's Carles Puigdemont has assured that the constitutive session of the Catalan Parliament next week and the session ten days later for the investiture of a new Catalan president will be crucial moments for the independence movement. It needs to show, he said, that it is not willing to accept a democratic fraud by the Spanish state that would prevent the restoration of the Catalan institutions of self-government due to the state's non-acceptance of the results of the elections of 21st December.

    The acting Catalan president was speaking via videoconference from Brussels to the national executive meeting of his centre-right Catalan European Democratic Party (PDeCAT).
  7. Notable comments on appointment of president by ERC (centre-left pro-Indy party) and Puigdemont:
  8. << Rovira urged [the case] to “recover the Catalan institutions as a matter of urgency” in order to put an end to Article 155, that is, direct rule of the country from Madrid. Mariano Rajoy’s unprecedented measures against Catalonia’s self-rule will be applied until a new president and government are appointment, so if Puigdemont is unable to take office by proxy at the end of January –when the debate to pick a president is expected– Article 155 enforcement will continue.

    Puigdemont called to go ahead to his appointment to fulfill the “democratic orders” made by voters in the election on December 21. >>

  9. -- FRI 12 JAN --
  10. 🔴 Spanish government will continue to impose direct rule if exiled Catalan President is reinstated.

  11. << The Spanish government will "immediately" react to any attempt to invest the head of the Junts per Catalunya election list, Carles Puigdemont, as president at a distance, to avoid him being president of Catalonia from Brussels. That was the announcement made by the central government's spokesperson, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, in a press conference after today's cabinet meeting. He guaranteed that any attempt would be appealed "without hesitation". As a result, Spanish government sources say that article 155 [direct rule] would remain in force, and not be lifted. They insisted that the government would use all the means at their disposal to stop infringements or reinterpretations of the rules. >>
  12. • Barcelona Republic Defence Committees call demonstration for next Wednesday:

    The people demand, the Government obeys: REPUBLIC! - "We demand that the new Parliament moves towards the Republic."
  13. 🔴

    Supreme court judge denies jailed Vice-President's request to attend Parliament's opening day and for transfer to Catalan prison.

  14. << Junqueras was hoping to attend the debates in the chamber in order to vote with the independence bloc. Without his vote and that of the other seven elected MPs who are either in prison or in Brussels, the pro-independence parties would not be able to use the majority of seats they got in the election in the upcoming votes. On this point, the judge’s ruling says that it is for the Parliament bureau to decide whether to allow them to vote through a representative and how to go about it.

    This means Junqueras and the other two jailed MPs, Joaquim Forn and Jordi Sànchez, might be able to vote by proxy, which would give the pro-independence parties 65 MPs – five are in Brussels. The unionist parties and Catalonia in Common, which does not stand with either bloc but is against independence, also add up to 65 MPs, meaning that if nothing changes, at least one of the representatives in the Belgian capital would need to be replaced. >>
  15. • Protest today from civil servants across all government departments in several urban centres...

  16. calling for the release of the political prisoners and withdrawal of arrest warrants against the exiled ministers, organised in the ADIC (Assembly in Defense of Catalan Institutions) formations against Spanish state repression.