Making the Most of JUSP 11 June 2015

The latest “Making the Most of JUSP” event took place on Thursday 11th June at the University of Westminster.


  1. Our thanks go to the staff at the University for hosting the event and for all their hard work in helping to make the day successful.
  2. Over twenty keen delegates travelled to London on a lovely sunny day and spent their time learning more about JUSP, participating in hands-on exercises, and taking the opportunity to chat to one another about their usage statistics work.
  3. The day started with a welcome from Fiona O’Brien, Academic Liaison and Training Manager.
  4. Members of the JUSP team introduced themselves and explained their roles. Participants also introduced themselves and said what they wished to get from the day.
  5. Jo Alcock, a member of the JUSP team from Evidence Base at Birmingham City University, gave an introduction to JUSP. She picked up on a number of the issues that attendees had raised during their introductions and indicated how these would be covered during the day. She also gave a summary of the support materials available on the JUSP website.
  6. Jo pointed the participants to our use cases (; glossary (; and guides to reports ( ).
  7. Jo’s presentation is available below and on Slideshare:
  8. Attendees then split into small groups and worked through some exercises using dummy data from our demonstrator site to explore some of the main reports in JUSP ( ).
  9. If you would like to use these exercises in your institution, contact our helpdesk,,to obtain a demonstrator username and password.
  10. A few points to note that came out of the exercises were: the ability to sort many reports on columns; the ability to use the report ‘Number of titles and requests in various usage ranges’ to look at the use of deal and non-deal titles; and, the use of ‘the Trends over time’ report.
  11. The final session of the morning focused on how libraries use JUSP. Dominic Benson from Brunel University gave a presentation on how JUSP is used at his institution.
  12. Dominic started with an overview of the value of JUSP service and then talked about a range of topics including: JUSP’s interoperability with other usage statistics products and a number of different JUSP reports (SCONUL return, usage profiling, usage of gateways and intermediaries, individual journal search and usage, titles included in deals per year, trends over time, top 100 titles, archive holdings and usage). He concluded with his wish list for future developments (book reports, subject classifications).
  13. Dominic’s presentation is available below and on Slideshare:
  14. Lunch was enjoyed sitting in the sunshine on the roof terrace under the shadow of the Post Office tower.
  15. Jo Alcock started the afternoon with a short presentation on usage profiling.
  16. Jo’s presentation is available below and on Slideshare:
  17. Attendees then worked on a set of exercises looking at the usage profiling reports. 
  18. Magaly Bascones from Knowledge Base+ (KB+) gave an introduction to KB+ and areas where it is interoperable with JUSP including an update on the core titles integration work. She also demonstrated KB+.