CSMSF-Uphold the Highest Brand Reputation: Use Social Media to Maximize Brand Engagement

Moderator: Purematter, Bryan Kramer, President + CEO General Mills, Kevin Hunt, Social Media Manager SAP, Todd Wilms, Senior Director Social Media Audience Marketing


  1. Implementing social media is vital to your company's internal and external communications strategy. Social media is instant. Monitoring and responding to what's said about your brand across social will help you prevent an escalating situation from turning into a crisis. Remember when a FedEx customer released an embarrassing video of a driver tossing a computer monitor over a fence? A FedEx message was rapidly shared via Youtube, the same medium on which the initial video received massive exposure. The impact was immediate, as it proved to customers there were real people behind the brand who genuinely cared about the well-being of each of their customers'.

    General Mills is the proud parent company to brands like Cheerios, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Nature Valley. They developed "A Taste of General Mills" corporate blog last year to share the corporation's story; all while keeping stakeholders engaged, turning critics into brand advocates and monitoring what's said about their organization and its brands across their social channels. They'll show you the how's and how not's of crisis and reputation management.

    Risk management and crisis response: Engaging on social networks efficiently and swiftly to avoid escalating situationsSpeak in a human voice: There are people behind the issues at hand, make sure your customers know...Keep your stakeholders in tune with your corporation via online engagement strategies.Building trust: use social media to share success stories, build brand advocates and spread positive impact to cultivate brand loyaltyInformation at the speed of light: dealing with the speed of social news to stay one step ahead of the game
  2. 'Well.... You could just get a whole bunch of Mums'-Judah Friedlander in Meet the Parents. Ben Stiller wanting to buy a nice bottle of champagne at corner store. 
  3. Social means having to say you are sorry! 
  4. Reach and interact is necessary to solve problems.
  5. FedEx Guy Throwing My Computer Monitor
  6. In case a laugh is needed!
  7. Don't just hear people, listen! 
  8. Comments are always positive. They provide an opportunity for you to interact that doesn't exist in those who don't comment. Allows an opportunity cost to arise that didn't previously arrive.
  9. Reputation and trust correlate directly! 
  10. Making their plan transparent, again, encourages more to trust General Mills.