Teaching Peace by Playing Games

In the world of Conflict Resolution a key strategy is to get each party to see the conflict from another perspective. Traditionally this has been done through words at the negotiation table. Now, it can be done through the internet as we learned in our last "Conflict and Social Media" class.


  1. Using Computer Games to Support Democracy and Conflict Resolution
  2. Here is the online game we focused on in class
  3. PeaceMaker Video Game Trailer
  4. Then there were other online games as well, some more socially based
  5. while others are about disaster relief:
  6. Some focus on team building
  7. or an election duel

  8. And some games are low-tech but can get the point across with only the instructions online.
  9. Team building exercises for conflict resolution
  10. Regardless of topic, using games can be an effective way to immerse people into the conflict arena.  This can help them better understand current conflicts, complex social issues  and team-building, highlighting how there are no easy solutions or answers. 
    As we discussed in class, organizations create these games to educate and elucidate an issue, and also to suggest a point of view.  Game design limits some of elements and factors in a real life scenario, but users can at the very least expect to be exposed to some of the main themes in a conflict or social issue that defies simplistic solutions.