Astros Game Rewind, April 16 vs. Washington

Recap of Monday's 6-3 Astros loss to the Nationals.


  1. Houston at the plate has been lukewarm this season. Entering this at-bat by Chris Johnson, Houston was 0 for its last 13 with the bases loaded, including Carlos Lee flying out and Travis Buck striking out preceding the hit. But of course there was another thing standing in their way on Monday ...
  2. Yes, Stephen Strasburg. The first round pick. The greatest thing to hit Washington since George Washington. The greatest mechanical train wreck to take the mound in decades, if ESPN is to be believed. Regardless of what you think is going to happen to his elbow or shoulder as his career progresses, he's still damn good for this point in his career and especially considering he's coming off of Tommy John surgery, and that's all that matters to the 2012 Astros.

    That doesn't mean he wasn't hittable. The Astros did get six hits, most of them coming in the previously mentioned sixth inning rally, and it's worth noting that Chris Johnson had a 3 for 4.

    Strasburg gave the Nationals six strong innings before giving away to the 2/3s-of-an-inning brigade.
  3. Kyle Weiland gave the Astros five good innings. Too bad Brad Mills had him pitch 5 2/3s.

    The good thing about houston so far is that they have a good crew in the starting rotation. Norris, Rodriguez, Happ and Harrell have looked pretty good this year ... but Weiland might need a trip to Oklahoma City to work a few things out. Unfortunately, Houston isn't in a position to be getting less than six from its pitchers.

    Granted, when the bullpen comes in this year, it isn't necessarily adventure time, like last year. But that doesn't mean the team should be pushing its luck with much of the same crew out there again this year.