Steve Tollefson

writing by and about Stephen K. Tollefson (aka Steve) as well as Steve reading poetry and interviewing writers


  1. Steve's short stories
  2. listen to Steve read Silence is Platinum
  3. Steve's story Strunk and White Died for Our Sins (thanks to Mike Larkin for the pdf at his blog
  4. Steve's reviews, essays and articles
  5. Steve's Distinguished Teaching Award Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  6. You have to scroll through some stuff to find this gem, but it 's worth it! If you've seen the amazing little book that Steve put together about Sam and Olive, you will love this. It's his response to someone looking for information about Olive Wiprud. Even Steve's message board responses are great reads!
  7. Steve on the Palace of Fine Arts (second entry)
  8. Below is Steve's very popular and often-quoted article "I am Begging You"
  9. The easiest way to read the pdfs from California English is to use the pop-out feature (hover over right hand corner of image and click on small arrow)