Surviving Cliffmas: Who Gets the Final Word?

Fiscal Cliff + Christmas = Cliffmas? It'd almost be funny, if it wasn't so pathetic, too. So: is this media hype? Or are we really heading to the fiscall cliff? Here's what former U.S. Congressmen Martin Frost (Tx) says, in a video on the topic by law firm Polsinelli Shughart:

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  1. The former representative, now an attorney at Polsinelli, offers his view at the 1:40 mark:
  2. What's the Cliffmas buzz on Twitter?
  3. AND WHO gets the final word on Cliffmas? Drumroll...
  4. [Side note: we think there's a marketing opportunity here. Fiscal Cliff Bar. No expiration date. Nut free. Comes in Cliffmas wrapper.]