Humanism & Individual Sovereignty

I went off on a rant about humanism and individual sovereignty.

  1. On September 14th, 2013, around midnight, NYPD officers fired wildly at an apparently crazy man, but instead of getting him they hit two innocent bystanders instead.
  2. Remarkably, this led me into a so-called "debate" with one of the gun control folks on Twitter. We went back and forth for awhile, and she brought up suicides and data on total deaths. I responded with the following:
  3. .@MamaRedfield That's not what the FBI data is showing. Also, suicides don't count. Suicide is not a crime, & as its not...
  4. .@MamaRedfield ...against anyone else, it's not violence either. So let's keep suicide out of this. That's a separate discussion.
  5. She said that suicide does count because it involves guns, but it's not the same thing as violent crime because it doesn't use force against another individual, which I duly noted.
  6. .@MamaRedfield No it doesn't. We're talking about someone taking another's life w/ force. Taking your own life doesn't use force.
  7. .@MamaRedfield If we are to treat people as rational, sovereign individuals, then we must allow them to run their own lives....
  8. .@MamaRedfield ...including how to dispose of their own lives. We may not like it, but that's not our place.
  9. Then, the person I'm "debating" with has the audacity to pull this shit:
  10. @JDKolassa Really? So suicides are just fine with you? Doesn't matter that most WOULDN'T happen if they couldn't get a gun..Seen that study?
  11. Naturally, I explode, and my rant begins:
  12. @MamaRedfield They are NOT fine w/ me! My best friend painted his walls w/ his brain using a 12-gauge as a brush.
  13. So apparently @MamaRedfield thinks I'm ok w/ suicides, even though my best buddy in high school killed himself & I'm still bothered by that.
  14. There's a word for that kind of shit: inhuman. Just fucking inhuman.
  15. People who pull that kind of shit really shouldn't breed. I mean they just. Should. Not. Breed.
  16. Ugh. That....that just really fucking bothers me. To say something like that...I mean, how?
  17. Apparently because I really believe in individualism I'm inhuman. But really I just think that shows how inhuman everyone else is.
  18. #LetMeBeClear: If you reject individual autonomy and self-determination, you are inhuman. Full stop. No debate. You are. Admit it.
  19. If you reject that, the sapience everyone has in their mind, you reject what separates humanity from beasts. You reject humanity.
  20. Being a #humanist, I don't abide that BS. Nobody should. Anyone who follows that should be sent back to the Dark Ages from whence they came.
  21. I want to reiterate that I am not a fan of suicide, I do not encourage suicide, and I feel for everyone who has lost a friend or a loved one to suicide. I still feel an emptiness seven years after my best friend killed himself, and if I could take care of all the problems that lead people to choose suicide, I would. That still doesn't change the fact that, ultimately, one's life is one's own, and that people do choose suicide, and if we're to treat people as autonomous individual, we do in the end have to respect that choice, as awful as it may be. Again, I think it's terrible, but life is like that. You have to accept/deal with some really awful things. Life is not roses and peaches. If you're going to be honest, you going to have to take some salt with your sugar.
  22. Apparently that makes me an evil bastard. Well, so be it.