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Student EDTech Initiative

YCDSB hosted its first ever Student EDTech Day on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015. Here are some of the highlights of the event.


  1. Here is our Chief Information Officer, Darlene Clapham and our Student Trustee, Natasha Iaboni. Our Student EDTech initiative is one that engages students as partners in learning. The event itself was the first step on our new journey together!
  2. Our student leaders from Cardinal Carter CHS contributed in a large part to the success of the day. We all agreed that we won't need any teacher facilitators next time.
  3. We began the day talking about what it means to be a good citizen. This conversation continued throughout the course of the day as students interacted with one another both on-line and face to face.
  4. Students were engaged in hands-on Tech Quests throughout the day. We were so excited to have over 60 schools participate and equally excited to see a good balance of boys and girls.
  5. We even had a few administrators come and be co-learners!
  6. And as a culmination to the day, Ms. Clapham had the kids come up for a selfie. The energy was amazing!
  7. Many parents were pleased with the day. In fact, they have asked for their own EDTech Day!
  8. We will continue to collaborate with teams in our virtual learning space and will bring the teams back again next year. The EDTech event was just the beginning.