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How To Rock Social Media

Show Notes


  1. Perfecting Your Profile

  2. Let’s start with your social profile – how do you appear online? What will people’s first impression be of you? What might make them decide to follow you?
  3. Choosing the right image to use across your social networks is vital to rocking your social media.
  4. Here are some tips to help you get it right.
  5. 1.Choose an avatar that projects the image you wish to convey
    2.Choose an image that you will use across all your social networks and blogs
    3.Think about the thumbnail
    4.Use the correct image dimensions for each social network
    5.Update your image regularly
  6. Here's some advice on getting your Twitter profile right from the start:
  7. Use a tool like Canva to create your headers. You will find templates with the correct dimensions here.
  8. And here's two useful image size cheat sheets for the main social platforms
  9. So we’ve perfected our profile – what’s next?
  10. Energise Your Online Engagement

  11. We need to give people more of a reason to follow us than how we look – as with dating, looks may attract initially, but there needs to be more to grow and sustain a relationship. How do you engage people online? How do you build a community and create trust and credibility over the long term?
  12. Meet effort with effort
  13. You start quite simply by valuing your followers. Take the time to acknowledge when a person follows you online, leaves a comment on your blog, or re-shares your content.