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Working for ASAP Water, Markham, Ontario - Employee Testimonial

Employee testimonial of ASAP Water Ltd


  1. Employee Testimonial – What it’s Like to Work for ASAP Water Ltd

    I saw an ad for ASAP Water, looking for salespeople.  I’d done sales previously (although in a different industry), and knew that I was good at it, so called them.  The first thing I did was fill out the form that they have on their website.  They contacted me a few days later to set up an interview.   

    One of the first things they did was show me a presentation about the process of water purification.  Honestly, I hadn’t known about how it was done before.  I must have nodded off in high school chemistry class when they talked about reverse osmosis.  But the presentation helped me understand it.   So far, I was interested in the job and they were interested in me.

    My training started the next week, in a group setting.  In that training we were taught about water testing.  We were told how much money we could make in the job, and I knew from experience that a good income is possible with the right attitude and hard work.

    The next week or so was spent practicing my sales pitch.  My room-mate and friends offered to help by being my audience.  It was great advice to rehearse these pitches because they can be so awkward at first.  Once I had gone through a half dozen of them, and made a bunch of mistakes, I felt a lot more prepared. 

    When I started the company was mailing out ‘bingo’ cards. These were a kind of ‘scratch and win’ type card that got our name out there.  People liked to play these because it’s a bit of a rush and there are lots of prizes.  One of my first sales calls was to a woman in North York.  She had won something on the scratch and win, and called our office.  They sent me out to see her, to give her a presentation and the prize she’d won on the scratch.  

    When I was on my way to her home to do the demo, I got a message from the company.  Apparently this woman’s daughter had called and was concerned that we were a scam, going to take advantage of her mom.  

    When I got to the address, I was a bit nervous because I knew about the phone call.  But the woman I met wasn’t suspicious; she was very nice to me.  I went in and tested her water, then compared it to the ASAP treated water.  Then I did a verbal presentation, just talking through the products that would suit her.  She was concerned about space because her kitchen cabinets weren’t big enough.  I recommended our compact model.  

    She said that she’d think about it, and thanked me for her time.  Her prize turned out to be a new shower head, which was more than worth the time she spent listening to my pitch.  It was a great first pitch for me, a great prize for her, and her daughter was happy that we were the real thing!