Why Italy on the UN Security Council?


  1. Strategically located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroads of East and West, North and South, Italy is ideally placed to deal with the peace and security issues on the Security Council’s agenda. Our established track-record strengthening and supporting preventive and mediation efforts makes Italy a key partner to address the many challenges currently faced by the international community. We believe that the maintenance of international peace and security requires a coordinated approach by the different UN bodies to tackle the cross-cutting issues of today - including climate change, refugee and migrant flows, the destruction of cultural heritage, and international terrorism.

  2. Italy and Peacekeeping – A Longstanding Commitment

  3. Did you know that Italy is the top Western troop-contributing country to UN peacekeeping and one of the top-10 overall financial contributors? Yes, our commitment to the maintenance of international peace and security is a firm one and goes back a long time. The first Italian contingent in UN peacekeeping was deployed in 1960. Since then, Italian troops have served in multiple crisis areas.
  4. Watch Ambassador Sebastiano Cardi, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, explain Italy's contribution to Peacekeeping.
  5. Ambassador Cardi explains Italy's contribution to UN Peacekeeping
  6. Today the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) hosts the largest number of Italian peacekeepers. UNIFIL, which operates in the south of Lebanon to maintain a fragile peace in a delicate region, is headed by an Italian, General Luciano Portolano, who is the third Italian officer to lead the mission following the leadership of Generals Claudio Graziano and Paolo Serra. Rarely at the UN has the leadership of a mission been repeatedly assigned to officials of the same nationality.
  7. UNSG Ban Ki-moon visit to Lebanon – March 2016
    UNSG Ban Ki-moon visit to Lebanon – March 2016
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  9. Italy and Sustainable Development – The Path to a Better Future

  10. The 2030 Agenda is the path to a better and more sustainable future, and Italy sees its implementation as the only way to ensure that no one is left behind. Our strong commitment to sustainable development is reflected in three key areas:
    - Fighting climate change
    - Promoting food security
    - International development assistance
  11. Taking Climate Change Seriously

  12. Climate change is a reality, and Italy strongly believes in the need to address its root causes and effects in a multi-layered approach.
  13. Supporting countries most vulnerable to climate change: The case of Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

  14. SIDS, a group of small island states across the Pacific and the Atlantic, are particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels due to rapidly increasing temperatures. Italy’s partnership with SIDS countries in mitigating the effects of climate change dates back to 2007.
    In early 2016, Italy also launched a new global initiative with a group of countries, mainly but not only from the Pacific and the Caribbean, to conserve at least 10% of coastal and marine areas by the year 2020. The 10x20 Initiative was established in Rome and led to the Rome Call to Action.
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  16. Climate change can also have serious effects on international peace & security, as recent debates in the UN Security Council have recognized. Droughts, floods and cyclones can further worsen unstable situations or be a concurrent cause in triggering conflict, also impacting on food security.
    That is why Italy believes it is important for the Security Council to consider the security implications of climate change and its effects on vulnerable states. At a recent event we co-hosted with the International Peace Institute and Security Council Report, we addressed the topic in depth.