Looking Chic: H&M Features Hijabista Mariah Idrissi in its Recycling Ad


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  2. "We know that in many countries where they (H&M) have a presence and as a global brand the young, female Muslim consumer is a growing demographic and when we've spoken to young Muslim women they feel that they are not represented in today's global fashion identity."
  3. NPR | Hijab-Wearing Model Appears In H&M Ad, A First For Fashion Giant

  4. Now 23-year-old Idrissi is becoming a symbol for fashionable, young Western Muslim women who opt to cover their hair. British Muslims hope it's a sign they're being accepted as part of the tapestry of British society.
  5. People | H&M Taps Hijab-Wearing Model, Mariah Idrissi, for Powerful New Campaign

  6. As the first woman to wear a hijab in an H&M ad, Idrissi says she loves that she’s setting a precedent in the industry, especially in a global campaign.
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  8. She said: "I’ve had girls contact me online saying ‘I wanted to take my scarf off but now I’ve seen you I’m more confident’, and non-Muslims saying, ‘Wow, she looks really good, I’d wear that jacket’.”

    Ms Idrissi has also suffered from her fair share of negative comments, particularly from other Muslim women who said the advert was immodest.
  9. NY TIMES | H&M Features Hijab-Wearing Model in New Campaign

  10. In Britain, women are routinely attacked for wearing religious clothing; the BBC reported in September that Islamophobic crimes had risen by 70 percent in the past year, with many threats directed toward women in particular.
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  12. Indeed, major fashion brands have begun specifically targeting Muslim customers, with Oscar de la Renta, DKNY, and Tommy Hilfiger among the brands to introduce Ramadan collections to the Middle East market; Net-a-Porter introduced a special "Ramadan edit." And Uniqlo recently collaborated with fashion blogger Hana Tajima on a collection of modest clothing, hijabs, and kebayas. Still, given that it's part of a global campaign, Idrissi's modeling gig represents a new benchmark in terms of visibility. Watch the full video campaign below.
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  14. Blogger MuslimGirl wrote: “She awakened the people. In a simple and quiet way she made others look at a Muslim woman without fear or contempt but with a healthy curiosity. Maria [sic] opened a conversation that has always been strained.”
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  16. Idrissi says: “I didn’t think I would be a role model but why not? It is great that a big brand has recognised the hijab, hopefully this will help society become more tolerant.”