Preparatory Workshop for ENMI 2012

At the 28th-29th of March the IRI invited to discuss the digital humanities from the much broader and more radical perspective of DIGITAL STUDIES.


  1. The workshop, organized by IRI - the Institute for Research and Innovation, was focused on the issues of a

  2. I. Introduction by Bernard Stiegler

  3. The opening of the symposium by Bernard Stiegler starts with an introduction into Digital Studies, which tackled the influence of the epistemological and anthropological shift we currently see to happen.

  4. The video of this first session can be found here:
  5. Stiegler takes the image of the “mental circuity” by Maryanne Wolf (“Proust and the Squid”) to describe the transformation of the social apparatus.

  6. Our cultural achievements are combinations of biologie and technology. They are inscriptions in our cerebral organs and beyond: a mirroring of structures.
  7. But what happpens if "we were never born to read", as Maryanne Wolf declares: We re-arrange our cerebral organs!

    That what @Norkhar calls a "Bio-Hack" - means putting the cerebral structures into process... ?
  8. The term "retention" was initially defined by Husserl and...
  9. refers to what is retained, through a mnesic function itself constitute of a consciousness, that is, of a psychical apparatus.
  10. Thereby the psychical apparatus is not merely defined as a cerebral phenomenon, but also as the "Id" like Freud did or the "Symbolic" by Lacan.
  11. Neuromarketing seen as a short-circuit
  12. This question arises in a context in which neuromarketing is today in a position to directly solicit the automatisms of the lower layers of the cerebral organs by short-circuiting or bypassing the networks inscribed through education in the neo-cortex. That the automatisms of the nervous system are in this way combining with technological automatisms is the threat (that is a shadow) against which the new enlightenment must struggle.
  13. After this introduction, we start into the discussion: International speakers and many different perspectives!