1. Iran didn't only interfere but also colonized Syria.They're besieging civilians in Syria.They turned our life to hell in Aleppo. All the military operations are done by IRGC's orders even the chemical attack. Assad doesn't dare to drink water without their opinions. Iran pays for all the foreign militias in Syria. We defeated Assad years ago buy now we're fought by Iran and Russia
  2. Iran considers Damascus,Homs and Aleppo are its lands. They Killed, besieged and displaced people of their sweet homes.#BlacklistIRGC
  3. First, you can give us more chance to live by raising their voices and telling others about us. Then, push your government to help Syrians.
  4. IRGC was besieging us in Aleppo threatening us of annihilation everyday while the Russians were bombing us from Sky. #BlacklistIRGC
  5. Ask not to shake hands with bloody handed people, Not to make economic deals and can ask to #BlacklistIRGC Think of our kids like yours
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