The Importance of Mobile Web Design

There is absolutely no question that having a responsive web design is crucial. With more and more consumers moving to tablets and smartphones for searching,

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  1. There is absolutely no question that having a responsive web design is crucial. With more and more consumers moving to tablets and SEO Des Moines smartphones for searching, having websites to accommodate this behavior is essential. Prior to mobile devices becoming so popular, there was only one challenge facing Web Design Des Moines: keeping a uniform feel and look to different websites. However, interacting with a website on a tablet or smartphone is extremely different than doing so on a regular computer screen. Factors such as optimized markup, support for Flash technology, Pixel-resolution, screen size and touch versus click have all become crucial to ensuring a websites performance on all types of devices.

    If SEO is at the foundation of a digital marketing strategy, then having a Web Design Des Moines that is mobile friendly is now considered crucial. The fact is, mobile sales have already surpassed desktop sales and this use is only expected to continue to grow.

    Responsive web design is a way websites are laid out and coded to ensure an optimal viewing experience. This includes making the site easy to read on any screen size and to make scrolling, panning and resizing across multiple devices simple.

    Some of the specific benefits offered by investing in responsive Des Moines Web Design services include:

    Extremely flexible: This design allows the same website to be viewed and used on any device of any size.

    Provides a superior user experience.

    A cost effective option.

    Because Google says so: A recent update to Google’s algorithm began to penalize sites that were not responsive.

    Extremely easy to manage.

    Just like anything else in the realm of the internet, Website Design Des Moines is evolving. New devices lead to new requirements. If a business has a website that has not yet become responsive, chances are they are not performing as well in search engines. They may also begin to see a decrease in traffic due to Google pushing them out of the top spots in search engine results pages.

    The good news is, there are a number of professional services that can help to rectify these issues quickly and pain-free. They can take any website and create a responsive site that will not only satisfy Google, but that will also make their site more appealing to customers who turn to their smartphones and tablets for shopping, browsing and other internet activities. Keep this in mind to ensure your SEO efforts will continue to be successful.