Toy Vacuums That Really Work

Kids adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house -- just like the grown-ups. Toy vacuum cleaners are specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail - they really work!!


  1. I personally own a Dyson vacuum which I swear by. When i saw Dyson toy vacuum I was so excited...I bought it for my 3 year old Grand-Daughter's birthday and it was a hit with alll the kids & parents at the party. The smile on her cute little face was enough for me to know she really likes it. Now she can help Mommy vacuum (it actually picks up small light weight objects).

    It's great for teaching them coordination with moving it around with the ball technology of the real Dyson as well as helping Mommy clean up after play time.

    There's a good toy vacuum selection here.

    It takes 4 size C batteries that I made sure I bought and put in the box so it could be set up immediately. It also has little colorful objects up above the ball that work even without the batteries.

    The kids all loved taking turns with it so we didn't even have an opportunity to get the batteries in. Her brother is the one who found the little compartment that will pick up small, light weight objects with the suction power given with the batteries in it. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to give their child a head start on vacuuming to help clean the house. :-)

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  2. If you can find one of these toy vacuums, buy it!

    My 17-month-old daughter absolutely loves this toy. The first night we got it, she actually wanted to sleep with it!

    The reasons we love it....

    1.It is very small and lightweight, so she can carry it easily from room to room.

    2.The realistic sound is not too loud, is easy to turn on (she figured out how to press the button within a minute or so) and turns itself off after about 30 seconds.

    3. It makes a fun clacking sound when pushed (in addition to the "motor" sound, so that even if the child doesn't press the button to activate the motor, there is still a neat sound) and is VERY easy to push and pull.

    4. A headlight comes on with the sound, which she loves.

    5. It comes with batteries already installed! For such a low price, you just cannot do any better. All in all, I am really pleased with this purchase.

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  3. I read some reviews prior to buying and was disturbed to see parents saying the suction sucks.. Um it's a toy, it's not meant for you lazy parents to put your kids to actual work and clean your house while you sit on your butts eating Bon bons.. Seriously? Suction sucks? Seriously? Who is getting a toy vacuum to have their kid actually vacuum? Child labor is illegal here folks. Hire a maid!

    So anyways into the review. The vacuum looks like my real dyson (which I use to vacuum not my kids ha). My son follows me around the entire house with his dyson to "vacuum" it's fun and hilarious. He vacuums everyday with his little dyson and my daughter and him both love to play with this! My kids are 19 months and 3. I definitely recommend it.

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