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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies

Whether you're taking your baby to a concert, a football game, a NASCAR race, fireworks or ANY event where there will be loud noise, these noise cancelling headphones will protect your baby's hearing. These are the best-rated by parents below.


  1. Best Rated Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies and Infants

  2. Reviews of Baby Banz Headphones (read all the reviews here)

    "Every year, I volunteer to help run a music festival. This year, I had a 6 week old in tow. After a little research, I purchased these headphones for my little girl. My husband thought I had wasted $30 until he put the phones to his ears. They really do an excellent job of reducing noise! After I tried them on and discovered how well they work, I had no problems walking with my baby in front of speakers (10-20 yards away...I still wouldn't put her directly in front of those things!) and seeing a concert or two. In fact, while wearing the headphones, my little girl was soothed by the vibration of the bass. The padding is thick around her ears. She had no problems wearing these headphones for over an hour. I'm sure she would have gone longer, but she got hungry."

    "Our two-month old wore these while we spent a little time at a college football game. They were comfortable enough that she didn't fuss at all when we put them on her, and worked well enough that she slept peacefully during the roar of a 3rd-down home team defensive stand. "

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  3. Reviews of Em's Baby Earmuffs (read all the reviews here)

    "I bought this for a concert with my 3 year old grand daughter that has an issue with loud noise - she wore them and loved them."
  4. Reviews of Baby Banz Pink Camo Baby Headphones (read all the reviews here).

    "My son (now 8 months old) has worn these to watch his daddy's band play for about three months. He's so comfortable in them that he never tried to take them off and he even fell asleep at a concert wearing them while in the Baby Bjorn. I put them on to test them out and when a full band is playing in a small to medium sized venue (very loud!) the earmuffs bring the volume down to the normal level for listening to music in the car. These earmuffs are amazing and Baby Banz is a helpful and trustworthy company based on how they answered all of my questions since I was very concerned about protecting my baby's ears on tour. I recommended them to many other parents and gave away a pair on my blog and everyone who uses them agrees that they are the best for baby/kid hearing protection."

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