International Medical Corps celebrates our brave nurses around the world


  1. Emergency nurses are incredible people! They do the jobs the rest of us can't even imagine. They are brave and powerful. They have endurance and integrity. International Medical Corps posted #ScrubSelfies throughout Emergency Nurses Week (October 11-17) from our nurses around the world in honor of their lifesaving work. From Sierra Leone to South Sudan to Lebanon to Central African Republic, our nurses show off their fabulous scrubs in these fun selfies!
  2. Here is Joy in Sierra Leone:

  3. -
  4. Here is Hussein in Lebanon:

  5. -
  6. Here is Reuben in Sierra Leone:

  7. -
  8. Here is Ryan in South Sudan:

  9. -
  10. Here is the team in Central African Republic:

  11. -
  12. David and Reuben in Sierra Leone:

  13. -
  14. Paul in South Sudan:

  15. -
  16. Adams from Nigeria in Sierra Leone:

  17. -
  18. Fisseha in South Sudan:

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