How can men and boys work for gender justice?

The second MenEngage Global Symposium takes place in Delhi, India from 10-13 November. Interactions is following the event here - live from Delhi, and online.


  1. The Global Symposium on the theme ‘Men and Boys for Gender Justice’ examined seven 'tracks of manhood': torment, argument, entitlement, contentment, movement, endearment and ferment.
  2. Now the event is over many attendees have been reflecting on their thoughts, including those from the Interactions team.
  3. Thursday 13 November: The MenEngage Global Symposium closed with a declaration and call to action
  4. "We live in a world of profound inequalities and unbalanced power relations, where rigid norms and values about how people should behave fuel and exacerbate injustices. We have to change that..."
  5. 1. Patriarchy and gender injustice remain defining characteristics of societies around the world, with devastating effects on everyone’s daily life.
    2. Patriarchy affects everyone, but in different ways.
    3. We build on a precious heritage.
    4. We believe in an inclusive approach to realize gender justice.
    5. Patriarchal power, expressed through dominant masculinities, is among the major forces driving structural injustices and exploitation.
    6. Gender inequalities are related to inequalities based on race, age, class, caste, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ability and other factors.
    7. It is essential that each of us live the values of gender justice.
    8. Investment in engaging men and boys in gender justice work makes this work more comprehensive.
    9. A list of priorities for specific policy areas and actions for engaging men and boys in gender justice work.
    10. The Post-2015 Development Agenda must embrace a human rights approach and also transform unequal power relations.
    Read the full declaration here:
  6. Thursday 13 November: Today is the closing day of the Symposium. The morning plenary will focus on Understanding and Responding to the Gendered Roots of Violence. Breakout sessions will cover topics including Masculinities, Crime and Justice, Fatherhood, the Role of Public and private Sectors and Sexual and reproductive Health.
  7. Elsewhere, the programme includes breakout sessions on Globalization, Gender Justice, and Social Movements, Fatherhood and Caregiving, Beyond the Gender Binary: Working with Genders and Sexualities and Masculinities.
  8. The afternoon plenary focuses on dialogue with the women's movement.