Soda - is it time to burst that bubble?

We all know that soda is bad for us. Full of sugar and colorings, not much refreshment, and also some with caffeine, or taurine. Here are a few videos outlining the reasons to think about alternatives.


  1. Diet Soda Makes You Fatter
  2. Are you gulping down the diet soda, hoping for a slimmer waist? Contrary to the calorie count, diet soda has been shown to raise blood sugar in mice and increase waist sizes in humans. It also increases blood sugar in humans, putting them at higher risk for diabetes!
  3. While diet soda isn’t as addictive as drugs like nicotine, some experts believe the rituals involved with drinking diet soda and getting the artificial sweet taste makes some people both psychologically and physically dependent on it–a lot like being dependent on cigarettes. And since these sodas do not contain pound-packing sugar like regular sodas, these people feel free to overindulge.
  4. Coke Gets Cancer Warning & TJ Hoban's 6 Pack Abs
  5. Soft Drink Cans Get Exercise Labels!
  6. Finally a Good Use For Soda: Gasoline!