Mainstreaming ‘transformative ideas’

Good communication is the key ingredient


  1. Innovative solutions are needed to address the range of challenges facing the world this century.
  2. Effective communication will help accelerate the change of cultural mindsets required to develop and embrace these solutions. Our new multi-media platform, launched as a continuation of our collaboration with Knowledge4Innovation (K4I), joins the comms arm of the wider movement pushing for the adoption of innovations that can deliver a sustainable + fair world - as enshrined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  3. And K4I epitomises a spirit within Europe to ensure that action matches the rhetoric when it comes to delivering innovation with impact - that benefits society.
  4. The theme of next month's WSA Global Congress in Vienna is 'social impact through digital disruption'. SDGs will be central to the discussions in Austria. We'll have a QR code available at the Congress so visitors can download our first quarterly mag edition, which will be all about 'impact innovation' - innovations/initiatives that can help overcome the world's biggest challenges.