DASSMACC - Lighting the Flame: Critical Care Education Panel

On 29th June in Berlin there was a truly great gathering of an expert education panel chaired by Professor Simon Carley. Many, many questions came in via Twitter. They were too good not to compile and keep the discussion going.


  1. An incredible panel of diverse experience steeped in deep thinking and education philosophy. The panelists included:
  2. Jenny Rudolph @GetCuriousNow
  3. Walter Eppich @LearnThruTalk
  4. Daniel Cabrera @CabreraERDR
  5. Victoria Brazil @SocraticEM
  6. Chris Nickson @precordialthump
  7. Sandra Viggers @StarSkaterDk
  8. Simon Carley @EMManchester as the chair
  9. and Jesse Spurr @inject_orange trying to keep track of the Matrix
  10. At the time of the panel this seemed like a good idea... In addition to the questions here, there were 100s of comments. While valuable and insightful, there was just too much to include. On behalf of the panel, I would like to thank everyone for the engagement, especially as it was the morning after SMACC Party!
  11. This has been shared with the panelists, but please build on this story by adding your own comments and responses to the questions. You can comment by hovering over individual Tweets and you will see a message icon appear.